This and Nothing More.

This is a oath that I will dare to stand no matter what the space.
This is a declaration made of these heavy words that have accompanied us till now.
This is a conglomeration of thoughts that will be engraved on to our bones if we were to ever die together.
This is about the things I have always wanted to tell you all these years but still there are things I will never say.

There are lies suspended in our past and I can’t change them to truth. There are these knees of mine that have broken falling for you over and over again. There are these memories and a haunting want to obliviate them. Then there is you, there is me and there is we, that might break instantly. It’s not just a matter of coincidence that weight and wait are pronounced the same. Words after words, pages after pages I still write about the transience of things. I still write about the hope of seeing you simmer down these words letter by letter and find out that these were set among these paragraphs just to let you swim away provided you read each one of them enough times to teach yourself to swim. I shall never be able to stitch time in a loop to relive our memories but darling you will always be the example of how bitter sweet this life could be and to you I will be the unending source of love. To you this is a gentle whisper saying that all the love you thought that existed in this little heart of mine was just a fraction of what I can pour upon you, to tell you it will always be your decision whether to sink in or swim away, whether to be brave or runaway.


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