Give – Her Final Offerings to a Scrounger

Give me hours

full of patience to stare

at the wild, you carry in your eyes.

Howl for me and these lungs

will forget the curbs and

fill themselves. Then,

you shall see me scuttling back to you

if you would have still chosen to stay

for me.

Give me heartbeats

drenched in love and

I will hold till they synchronize

with yours and

then I will settle with

each one of them in your arms and

when there will be none

to be called as home, I will lend

you mine.

Give me maps

to get the taaffeites and alexandrites

that would outshine my bones,

engraved in your crown;

to the hands that can hold you better

than mine and I shall accept your

failure with pride;

to the ancient lands, you wanna

run to as you run before

our storm.

Give me skin

with the folds you think is not

right and along with all the fashions

you somehow tried to follow and

then I will show you

perfection in your failed shots

and your pieces lost with them and

then I will trace every inch of you

to preach the difference between my

reflection on it and it shining

on me.

Give me combinations

to the colors still unknown to

my eyes and I vow to drip

paint you on this canvas

with it’s every shade while I whisper

our love hymns in your ears and stretches of the

sheet still left colorless are the strings

we will pull as we discover melodies hidden

inside us.

Give me moments

that shaped us and see the smile

returning back to this face which carries

the lips that had forgotten which

muscle to lift first and

which lover to gaze last;

those will remain incapable

of being hanged on our walls but will be

reminisced every night as stories of brave love to

our children.

Give me all you are

Darling, a loving needs to be done.

Give me as you are

Darling, a belonging needs to be undone,

from this soul.


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