Lenore – A Naked Truth

I must now tell you a lore of an ancient light,
Written not in words that would wound back of your mind,
But jotted in between my revelations,
Of timelessness in this life,
For the stage is set and in this ache, all of my heaviness lies,
He the one who was not a lie,
But a naked truth clothed in his own pride,
And to whom I was born in this dimension to seek and find.
Whose redemption lied in the every arduous descent,
While I still had courage left to fly,
Who claimed that I was the ruby in river,
When the skin that covers the soul of mine,
Could have reflected back only the blend of all the lights,
That lied in his salvation while he took his final flight.
I might not have known the taste of the wounds,
From his definition of life but,
I do wish for once that he could have looked,
For my name in the sky,
For it was what all the stars were aligned,
Call it a constellation or a tyranny at the lofty high,
That took millenniums just for the right coincidences,
For just mere seconds of existence.
My question to them was just a gimmick of self-realization,
Of what one now constitutes, For what one has now become?
Of what came before them, For what this quest had begun?
I do wish for once he should have really tried,
To breathe the air, not as the wind but the lack,
That has always haunted his deserted life,
For then only he could be capable enough to settle and realize,
Nature had never known to erase but only to hide,
Layer by layer beneath the shades of time,
And then to whisper the directions to only one man worthy,
Though this voice will shatter your soul to pieces but,
It will lead you to triumph in every battle
And a walk beneath the shadows of temple light.
Now that he’s gone he must have known,
That alphabet was never enough,
To arrange themselves in series of right words,
That could carry the weight of what all I am,
Better than “lover of time”,
For wherever I have ever been, living or mortified,
It had beckoned me in its wings,
When my soul was seduced with the dying of the light,
To me this life and not the world,
Were endless ballads not just mere hymns,
Composed anthems of all the things
I’d never been able to let go,
For I had is this life freezing my blood,
Letting it rest onto the broken cages of my bones,
Turning the structure then formed into confetti,
That will be showered when we will be heavens apart,
On all of our children at home, my chum.
To me this ancient light and not any other soul,
Would mean so dear; roar all Lenore!
For we the separations of miles in space and tide,
Stitched in thread of the divine,
Will always be wanderers, my brother,
And when your magic decides to leave you behind,
I will always be there to lend you with mine,
Seeking mercy for all the things that carried us till this final line,
Seeking not the truth but the lucent in our shine.


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